What’s the hardest part about being alone


Listen to me baby
I think it’s best you walk away
Lets not do anymore damage
Acavaste con mi corazon…

Baby let me break it down
Since I can’t seem to make you happy
I can’t and I wont do anything to make you love me

– Mz. Krazie “Walk Away


Look #1

Hair – Eaters Coma – HAIR 24 / SANDY BLONDE

Collar – *L.inc* Bound Collar Black

Chest Tattoo – Hope Tattoo – bubblesqueen – @SIS

Top – [M.R]-Red TwerkQueen Shoulder Ctop @SIS

Panties – Deluxe Mesh Panties (with HUD)

Look #2

Hair – [e] Conclusion – Essentials Collection

Top – G O L A#DMan (My Man?) @SIS

Skirt – Corvus : Basic Mesh Skirt with Belt

Boots –  J’s Studded Long boots (Black)


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